Plus Motif is the latest thing in tech gear. It’s an extensive collection of iPad, Kindle and e-reader cases. What makes it stand out from other cases? It’s a case and organizer all in one! It contains a notepad and pen to jot down all those pressing notes while you skim through your web browser. It is also interchangeable, with snap on design motifs. Whether you have a full day of presentations at the office, or recording your best time at the gym, Plus Motif is fashionable enough to take with you everywhere. Function and fashion in a snap, and you have a new design tailored to every occasion.

The one case for function. The one case for fashion. The only case you need. Make it yours, Plus Motif.

The quality of these cases are nothing short of perfect. I have put mine through it’s paces with taking it to the park, letting our son play on the tablets, and even accidently leaving it on the front porch one night. Nothing seems to be too much for these cases and I love mine so much that you” - RudeMom

Fashionable and functional interchangeable cases for iPads, iPad Minis, Kindles and Android Tablets

PlusMotif makes fashionable and functional interchangeable cases for iPads, iPad Minis, Kindles and Android Tablets. With 16 different colored cases to.” - Mommymandy

Fun, Fashion and Function in a Snap - PlusMotif iPad Cases

“Papier de Masion has done it again. You are going to love their new Plus Motif Tablet Cases. These cases contain all the beauty and elegance of the original tablet cases, but they are even better.” - Polishedeyes

Plus Motif iPad Case and Tablet Case Covers by Papier de Maison – Review

“I love gadgets. I have my laptop, iPad, and iPhone. I’m a bit of a geek… a techie. At the same time, I’m a girlie girl, who loves fashion and all things beautiful.” - Blog By Donna



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Papier de Maison introduces this beautiful and elegant case for your iPad® or Kindle® that is available in a variety of colors and patterns.